Nicholas Kirkwood | Flagship, New York

May 2012

Respecting the historic Landmark building in which the new Nicholas Kirkwood store is situated in New York was both a necessity and a starting point for the shop's design. Situated in the meat packing district the design called for a combination of classical & chic motifs translated in materials such as concrete to at once elevate the material, which is used extensively in this industrial location and still maintain a feeling of the classical.

The introduction of white Venetian plaster display walls and white corian plinths where shoes are presented as individual products to be appreciated and and bespoke concrete floors finished in traditional parquet patterns is subtle and chic approach to creating a beautiful quiet backdrop to the shoes. The idea of traditional parquet reinterpreted through a new material has been worked and developed into both Chevron and Versailles designs and is a clean modern approach. Lighting sets the mood and allows the products to become the main focus. Products are presented in space that feels somewhere between a gallery and a store.

Utilising the existing architectural structure of the building to set the design; the subtle blending of both the traditional and the minimal along with the introduction of the sculptural elements has created a project that is both beautiful and complimentary to the collections without overshadowing them.