Pendulum Perfume Wave Machine - Une Amourette

November 2017

Craftwork Studio has created a poetic, kinetic installation, to celebrate the launch of Roland Mouret’s debut perfume Une Amourette.

Bringing together art, design, mathematics and physics, the sculpture is presented as an abstracted manifestation of Mouret’s new scent - stimulating imagination through the physical, as the perfume does through the most powerful of the senses – smell.

Inspired by Une Amourette, the hypnotic piece comprises 15 pendulums of differing lengths, ten of which represent the ten ingredients that make up the perfume, with the remaining five representing five imagined ingredients. As the pendulums swing they create a unique and mesmorising dance, a rhythmic, abstracted expression of the unique and harmonious alchemy that occurs when these ingredients are brought together.

The meticulous design sees the pendulums oscillate through a series of evolving waves, patterns and rhythms, symbolising the way the infusion evolves over time, and as its notes react with air and skin. Significantly, the sculpture’s rippling cycle, which lasts 60 seconds, must be activated by the viewer, in recognition of the wearer’s fundamental role as the final, vital ingredient of any scent.